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WaterCampus Leeuwarden is an innovation ecosystem focused on water technology. The fully integrated ecosystem supports the whole innovation pipeline from new idea to the market. Water technology offers solutions for drinking water, wastewater, process water, water reuse, resource recovery, renewables, energy storage, healthy soils, direct air capture (CO2), bio-plastics, bio-fertilizers, proteins, desalination, emerging compounds and pharmaceuticals, antibiotic resistance, peatland recovery, ecosystem services and re-wilding. Over 250 companies and 25 universities are long-term connected to the WaterCampus and there is ongoing cooperation with 40 countries from Europe, North and South-America, Middle-East and Asia.

WaterCampus acts as European Hub for the Water Technology sector and is supporting start-ups and SMEs to access the world market. Wetsus develops breakthrough innovation in water technology which help to solve many SDGs and brings the Green Deal within reach. Wetsus also trains MSc and PhD students. Upscaling and demonstration projects and BSC education are performed by CEW. Vocational Education and training is offered by CIV-Water. WaterCampus is active in 18 European research and innovation projects in Horizon2020, Interreg A, B, C, COSME, ERASMUS+, Life and EIT Raw Materials.

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WaterCampus Leeuwarden

S3 Strategy

WaterCampus Leeuwarden was established in the province of Friesland in 2003 with the creation of Wetsus. Since then it has grown organically by adding the cluster organisation Water Alliance and later also CEW and CIV-Water. This specialisation on water technology continued to this day. In 2013 water technology was integrated as a key topic into the RIS3 strategy of the Northern Netherlands. In 2021-2027 water technology will also be a key topic for the region.

Strategic R&I Projects

PoVE Water

Pilot PoVE Water is a transnational project that draws on existing and emerging vocational competencies and skills needs in the water sector, translating them into an approach of vocational excellence. This ensures upward convergence of VET.


Wetsus is the coordinator of the WaterSEED project. WaterSEED stands for Social, Entrepreneurial and Excelling Doctors for Water technology. The objective of WaterSEED is to provide a doctoral program to excellent early stage researchers.


VIDA is a 36 months INNOSUP project supporting the innovation potential of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) working across European food chains interested in improving the use and efficiency of water, food, energy and key enabling technologies.


The iWATERMAP project focuses on supporting the innovation policies in water technology sector, helping to increase the critical mass of innovation ecosystems in partner regions in this sector.


ViviMag is an upscaling project for an innovative magnetic separation technology recovering iron-phosphate mineral vivianite from digested sewage sludge. The technology will be demonstrated in a pilot installation and ready for market in 2020.


Latest Updates

  • By Hilary Webb

Finalists announced for European Capital of Innovation

Twelve cities have made it into the final round to become the European Capital of Innovation 2020.

  • By Anonymous

BioTrack, rapid detection of COVID-19

BioTrack BV (Leeuwarden, The Netherlands), has developed a rapid detection with very high precision. It allows for direct determination of COVID-19 mRNA in human (capillary) blood, nasal (nasopharyngeal) and throat (oropharyngeal) samples as well as stool samples.

  • By Pieter de Jong

4th Africa-Europe Science Collaboration Forum

The 4th AERAP Africa-Europe Science Collaboration Forum, set to take place from 22-24 April 2024, embodies the spirit of the European Union’s Science and Development agendas and the collaborative ethos of the Team Europe initiative. This Forum is poised to serve as a dynamic platform, emphasising the critical role of science and digital innovation in shaping EU policies towards Africa and placing African scientific leadership at the centre of these, mirroring the synergistic approach that Team Europe champions. By fostering deeper engagements with policymakers and amplifying the impacts of scientific endeavours, the Forum seeks to enhance the inclusion of African stakeholders with European counterparts through strategic collaborations in science and innovation.

  • By Gianpiero Petruzziello

European Water Technology Week 2022

WaterCampus Leeuwarden is hosting the second edition of the European Water Technology Week from 19-22 September. The event will offer the latest insights in scientific research, the newest technological developments, sharing outcomes of EU R&I projects and representatives from cluster organisations from across Europe and beyond.

  • By Agnieszka Wieczorek Jetha

Target "Zero pollution" with Water Smart Territories

The three leading regions of Water Smart Territories are organising an event in the framework of the EU Green Week "Target Zero pollution with Water Smart Territories".