WHEB represents all of the Welsh Universities and aims to promote the high standard of higher education and research that exists in Wales as well as to create links with other stakeholders and institutions. Having an office in Brussels allows Welsh universities access to the day-to-day business of policy-making in Brussels as well as to a network of potential partners and funding opportunities. With the best interests of higher education and research in Wales at heart, WHEB strives to ensure that Welsh Universities are suitably represented in the European Union.

Latest Updates

  • By Catherine Marston

Hydrogen Networking Activity with the Quebec-Europe Research and Innovation Circle

The Quebec-Europe Research and Innovation Circle, in partnership with the Quebec Government Office in Brussels and the Quebec Smart Energy Network is organising a networking activity on the development of hydrogen-related technologies in the context of Horizon Europe.

  • By Hilary Webb

The importance of the EU regions to Welsh Innovation - A practical approach

To mark St David's Day, Wales' national holiday, a discussion will take place on the subject of Welsh innovation, particularly in relation to its collaboration with EU partners. 

  • By Eleanor Vaughan

Vanguard Initiative Regional Conference: Connecting Innovation Strengths Across Regions

Register today for the Vanguard Initiative Regional Conference, hosted by Wales and Randstad regions.

  • By Catherine Marston

Plastic pollution: Are biodegradable plastics a solution?

Academia Europaea, hosted by Cardiff University, is holding a webinar on plastic pollution. This webinar will review the latest scientific evidence on the biodegradability of plastics from SAPEA (Science Advice for Policy by European Academics) and discuss the policy recommendations made by the European Commission's independent group of Chief Scientific Advisors.

  • By Agnieszka Wieczorek Jetha

The Clwstwr programme: Where ideas thrive

Clwstwr is an innovation programme designed to embed R&D and innovation in the Welsh screen sector. The Clwstwr team is keen to make new connections with European partners and discuss potential academic or industrial collaborations.

  • By Catherine Marston

Africa-EU-UK research collaborations: emerging opportunities and prior learning for water and resilience research

Cardiff University is hosting a virtual event focusing on research collaborations involving the African Union, the EU and the UK in the area of water and resilience research.