Region Wallonie

Wallonia Region sets up an extraordinary fund to support enterprises and self-employed

The outbreak of the Coronavirus is deeply impacting our livelihoods, as well as the economic growth of most companies, with direct social impacts across sectors. Across Europe, businesses are struggling and as they fight for their very survival, they often find themselves forced to shed staff or cut working hours, which in turn reduces worker incomes.

Support to SMEs is emerging in many forms, ranging from private donations to public funding: Regional governments, such as the Walloon Government, have set up specific funds to support companies and self-employed people directly affected by the outbreak of the Coronavirus.

Companies and self-employed can claim up to 5.000 EUR to counterbalance the impact of the lockdown, benefitting from an extraordinary fund of 223 Million Euros set aside for the purpose. 

Additional financial and economic measures have been made accessible, ranging from the suspension of mortgages and rents to the possibility to request technical unemployment. 

More information (in French): here