Introduction to the Project

MOSAIC will explore and implement an RRI approach to Open Innovation: how can one translate the involvement of stakeholders from all parts of the quadruple helix, typical of SwafS and RRI, in Open Innovation ecosystems? The chosen context is a mission-like environment focused on climate-neutral and smart cities priorities. Drawing upon the richness of SwafS experiences so far, MOSAIC will lead to the assessment of effective instruments applicable to successful co-creation approaches in quadruple-helix Open Innovation pathways. Pilot actions in the cities of Gothenburg and Milan will test MOSAIC’s methodological approach and research actions throughout the project. The piloting process will produce concrete instruments and recommendations, to be replicated in Groningen, Tampere, Espoo, Turku, Aarhus, Pau (Replicators), willing to engage in mission-oriented approaches via quadruple helix collaboration, but also to enrich the work of Horizon Europe researchers and stakeholders more broadly.

Project Objectives

MOSAIC will develop a methodology for a bottom-up approach to developing Open Innovation and test it in two place-based innovation ecosystems, Gothenburg and Milan, within the context of the Horizon Europe Mission on Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities. The aim is to deepen the involvement of society and citizens in R&I in order to fuel a transition to Open Innovation throughout Europe.

ERRIN's Role

ERRIN is responsible for communication, dissemination and exploitation activities. ERRIN will build the foundation of the exploitation process as well as the sustainability of the project’s results by anchoring the learnings and outcomes of the piloting phase to the wider carbon reduction ambitions of other cities and regions, as well as to the overall EU policy framework. Through an internal scouting process within its Smart Cities Working Group, ERRIN is building and managing a Community of Practice of additional ecosystems, cities or metropolitan areas from across the European Union, with a specific interest in discussing and replicating the MOSAIC methodology in their local environment, building a vibrant community of quadruple helix representatives. Mutual learning will be the backbone of the Community of Practice, enabling replication and building the sustainability of the project's results. You can join MOSAIC Community of Practice sending an email to telling us a little about your city’s plans for Mission Cities and why co-creation activities are central to it. More information available here

  • Pirita Lindholm
  • Director
  • Ryan Titley
  • Director of Projects
  • Heidi Johansson
  • Project Manager
  • Gianpiero Petruzziello
  • Project and Communications Officer

Benefit & Links

ERRIN is developing a Community of Practice, offering members an opportunity to engage in MOSAIC’s activities and showcase their decarbonisation efforts in the mission-orientated context. Learn more and join MOSAIC Community of Practice

Project in Action

Latest Updates

  • By Gianpiero Petruzziello

MOSAIC wraps up a successful co-creation journey with EU cities

In a dynamic two-day event held on 21 and 22 November, MOSAIC, project in which ERRIN is a partner, successfully hosted its final event 'Co-creation in EU Missions'. City representatives, European Commission policy officers, researchers, private sector representatives and co-creation experts converged to delve the immense potential of co-creation in addressing complex challenges, particularly those posed by the Horizon EU Missions. Learn more and discover the MOSAIC resources available for cities.

  • By Agnieszka Wieczorek Jetha

ERRIN at the EWRC 2023

The European Week of Cities and Regions (EWRC) has come to an end. This year’s edition has been particularly rich in ERRIN’s involvement, with the Secretariat co-organising four events, promoting projects, and the Working Group Leaders participating in several panel discussions.

  • By Gianpiero Petruzziello

Multi-stakeholder engagement showcases the path to climate neutrality at European Week of Regions and Cities

On 10 October, a collaborative and interactive event was jointly hosted by ERRIN, MOSAIC and the European Commission during the European Week of Regions and Cities. This session brought together experts and stakeholders from across Europe to explore the significant role of multi-stakeholder engagement in advancing the journey towards climate neutrality for European cities. 

  • By Gianpiero Petruzziello

MOSAIC - Call for suggestions on fair citizens' rewarding in co-creation

MOSAIC project, in which ERRIN is a partner, is launching a call for suggestions on how to fairly reward citizens in co-creation, as part of the project's research activities. The call is open to all actors from the quadruple helix (companies, citizens, research organisations or public agencies) until 25 November 2022.

  • By Ewa Chomicz

New members of the EU Missions Boards announced

Yesterday the European Commission announced 75 new top experts who will advise on the five EU Missions through serving on their Boards. ERRIN is thrilled that Françoise Guaspare from Île-de-France Europe, one of the Transport Working Group leaders, will join the Mission Board of the Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities Mission.

  • By Hilary Webb

Join the MOSAIC Community of Practice

If your city wants to reach climate-neutrality through inclusive co-creation processes, apply to join the MOSAIC Community of Practice to learn from the project's co-creation experts and pilot and replicator cities testing the MOSAIC methodology on the ground.