The Driving Urban Transitions Partnership

The Driving Urban Transitions to a Sustainable Future (DUT) Partnership aims to address the complex set of urban challenges, which cities and urban communities are facing today, with an integrated approach to offer decision makers in municipalities, companies and society the means to act and enable the necessary urban transformations. The partnership aims to create a portfolio of measures to build capacities in all stakeholder groups and contribute to the European Mission on Climate Neutral and Smart Cities.

The JPI Urban Europe is together with the European Commission preparing a longer-term programme that aligns European and Member States’ efforts to build a critical mass for urban transitions. The programme will build capacities to support transitions towards a sustainable and liveable urban future by joint research, innovation and actions. The approved concept of the DUT Partnership can be found here.


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ERRIN's Role

ERRIN has actively participated in shaping this new partnership and has also been invited to play a role in it. The DUT Partnership is the first European Partnership that takes an integrated approach on local challenges and therefore is really place-based. In light of this, ERRIN sees this partnership as an important tool for European regions to contribute to the green transition and EU’s climate objectives, through the involvement of the entire local and regional innovation ecosystem. Read ERRIN's input to the public consultation to shape the DUT Partnership here.

In the context of the DUT Partnership, ERRIN has also set up a task force to explore the role of regions in co-funded European Partnerships, which currently looks into how to use structural funds in co-funded partnerships and how to use the partnerships as a means to further coordinate regional and national research and innovation agendas.

Latest Updates

  • By Heidi Johansson

Driving urban transitions to a sustainable future partnership

The Partnership Driving urban transitions to a sustainable future (DUT) is the proposal for an urban partnership under Horizon Europe, which is currently under development led by JPI Urban EuropeERRIN has been invited to participate and actively shape this new partnership.

  • By Heidi Johansson

Webinar: Driving Urban Transitions - State of Play of a European Partnership under Development

This interactive webinar will focus on the Driving Urban Transitions Partnership and the outcomes of the AGORA Virtual Dialogue 2020 as well as the public consultation on the programme.

  • By Hilary Webb

Policy Working Group meeting on European Partnerships

The next Policy Working Group meeting will serve as an opportunity to exchange information and collect open questions related to the European Partnerships.

  • By Heidi Johansson

Smart Cities WG Webinar: Towards climate-neutrality in Horizon Europe - A city mission and an urban partnership

Welcome to the second Smart Cities WG meeting of the year where we will discuss the road towards climate-neutrality in Horizon Europe, by taking a closer look at the developments of the Mission on Climate Neutral and Smart Cities and the Driving Urban Transitions to a Sustainable Future (DUT) Partnership.

  • By Anna Tranberg

Policy Working Group meeting on European Partnerships - how to engage in practice

Building on the discussions during the last Policy WG meeting (23 March 2021), this meeting will continue the conversation on the different ways that regional and local authorities, as well as their ecosystems, can engage in European Partnerships.