EWRC 2021: Interoperability of Digital Solutions
12/10/2021 - 11:30

EWRC 2021: Interoperability of Digital Solutions

Digitalisation plays a crucial role in transforming the economy and society and provides future-proof solutions. Interoperability of digital solutions in domains such as transport, agriculture, education and open source software applied in these areas and digitalisation for and by citizens are two crucial elements of this transformation. Speakers will share experiences and challenges that their regions have been facing in the view of the COVID-19 crisis and post-pandemic recovery.

The public sector is no more afraid of digitalisation so we can expect the increase of it, however, it is associated with some specific challenges. Different panels of our session will present the best practices among the regions in the various domains and the positive impact on public procurement with the accent on citizens engagement, facilitation of citizens life and prosperities of companies. Digitalisation brings an added value in the cycle of policy decision making.

This workshop will present the different practices on the different levels of digitalisation by which regions are following the priorities and ambitions settled by the EC. At the same time, it is the beginning of future interregional cooperation. The session will include the element of the C-19 crisis in terms of increased use of digital services which have further highlighted the importance of ensuring a system without borders, fair, and questionable single market for digital services.

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