Partnerships for Regional Innovation: From Pilot to Practice

Partnerships for Regional Innovation: From Pilot to Practice

The two-day event on 30-31 May 2023, organised by Dalarna Region, the Joint Research Centre (JRC) of the European Commission and the Committee of the Regions will take place in Tällberg, Dalarna, Sweden. Participants will share the lessons learnt from the PRI Pilot Action and take stock of the achievements made together since its launch in May 2022. The PRI Pilot Action exchanges have laid the foundation for further collaboration towards the green transition in many territories and have provided insights to the implementation of the New European Innovation Agenda. Over 45 ERRIN members have taken part in the PRI Pilot Action and ERRIN has been actively engaged in the initiative (see e.g. Smart Specialisation WG meeting on "Steering PRI - expectations and future directions" on 14 March).

The event will encourage participants representing regional and national authorities - both PRI Pilot participants and those who have not been engaged in the Pilot - to bring collaboration to the next level by meeting other participants, discussing topics of interest and possibilities of close interregional collaboration. It will also be a great occasion for less-developed regions which may lack such networking chances to mix-up and build alliances with more-developed territories.

The event will be an excellent opportunity for gathering information on Regional Innovation Valleys for deep tech and net zero industries, for community building and for establishing partnerships. All regions are encouraged to take the lead in a topic of their interest and mobilise the territories they would like to partner with to join the event.

First day of the event will be dedicated to the topic of "Multi-level governance for innovation driven territorial transformation" and the second to "Interregional cooperation to strengthen European value chains through regional innovation valleys".

ERRIN Director Pirita Lindholm will participate in the event, moderating a discussion on "Regional innovation valleys with deep tech and net-zero".

Find the full agenda and register here.