Greater Copenhagen EU Office

Greater Copenhagen EU Office represents University of Copenhagen, Technical University of Denmark, Copenhagen Business School, Roskilde University, Capital Region of Denmark, Zealand Denmark and 46 municipalities in the Eastern part of Denmark. We are based in Brussels to bridge projects, initiatives and stakeholders in Eastern Denmark with partners and opportunities in the EU. Our focus areas are in the green transition, health, digital, mobility, food and the bioeconomy. We also pay specific attention to EU research and innovation policy as well as advice to SMEs on EU funding opportunities.

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Greater Copenhagen EU Office

S3 Strategy

The Smart Specialisation Strategy of Capital Region of Denmark focuses on green transition and environment, health, mobility, education and skills. The Smart Specialisation Strategy of Region Zealand focuses on health and life quality, sustainable regional and local community development, employment, education and skills, development of digital and transport infrastructures.

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  • By Ewa Chomicz

Marching towards FP10 – ERRIN activity update

As we enter March and approach the European R&I Days, several ERRIN activities planned for 2024 with a link to FP10 have already taken place, and more are on their way. Have a look at an update with the outcomes of our recent work on the next European Framework Programme for R&I, next steps and opportunities to get involved.

  • By Gianpiero Petruzziello

26 additional cities selected to join the NetZeroCities Pilot Cities Programme

The NetZeroCities project, in which ERRIN is a partner, has selected 26 additional cities from 16 countries to take part in its Pilot Cities Programme. ERRIN is delighted to note that 12 cities from ERRIN member regions have been chosen, including Riga and Lyon, both supported by ERRIN’s NetZeroCities Climate Neutral Cities Advisors. 

  • By Greater Copenhagen EU Office

Erasmus+ exchange hosted by the Danish regional EU offices

On 8 November, the four Danish regional EU offices (South Denmark European Office, North Denmark EU Office, Central Denmark EU Office, Greater Copenhagen EU Office) are hosting an event highlighting products and good practices from Erasmus+ projects. It will take place at Avenue Palmerston 18 from 09:00-17:00.

  • By Lucy Hammond

100 ERRIN member cities and regions become signatories of the EU Mission for Adaptation to Climate Change Charter

During the recent European Research and Innovation Days, the European Commission announced the 2nd wave of signatories to the EU Mission for Adaptation to Climate Change Charter, with a further 100 regions and local authorities signing. Of the now 215 signatories, a staggering 100 are associated with ERRIN member cities and regions.

  • By Anonymous

Reduction of plastics and recycling of plastic waste through public procurement and public-private innovation across the plastics value chain

In Denmark, approx. 370.000 tons of plastic are incinerated every year which results in emission of approx. 1 million tonnes of CO2/year. In order to achieve Denmark’s target to reduce CO2 emissions by 70 percent by 2030 and achieve climate neutrality in 2050, long-term efforts must be made to minimize our plastic consumption and production and management of plastic waste. There is a need for innovation, which is aimed at reducing plastic consumption as well as waste management and treatment of plastics. In order to develop and test systemic solutions for reduction and increased recycling of plastic waste, there is a need for a strong partnership across several links in the value chain of plastics that can create holistic and practical solutions.

  • By Anonymous

Language Assistants for Danish Upper Secondary School

The Upper Secondary school Næstved Gymnasium of HF is looking for two language assistants to teach their native language in cooperation with their language teachers from September 2021 until June 2022.