The Małopolska Region strives to support emerging ICT and chemistry-based industrial sectors, but at the same time, it does not want to neglect the traditional sectors that the region’s economy relies on  (chemicals, tobacco, food and steal industries generating substantial profit for the region). The Małopolska Region’s biggest ambition is to become one of the leading regions in Europe. It aims to achieve a competitive regional economy based on innovative, high-tech and knowledge-based industrial clusters with the ability to use the region’s key means for facilitating development, such as intellectual capital and entrepreneurial skills. We wish to create a support system (including financial support) that makes the above mentioned means a valuable instrument for the development of the economic sectors and key domains in the region. We hope that this will make it possible for the region to compete in the global market and contribute to social and economic growth in Poland. We believe that the implementation of the Regional Innovation Strategy including smart specialisation will transform the Małopolska Region into a region with strong clusters and new industries.

Malopolska EU office cooperate with 33 institutions of higher education in the region that forms the basis of our strong academic and R&D centre.

About Us

Małopolska Regional Development Agency (MARR) – is a leading regional institution dealing with the promotion of the local economy. MARR specializes in providing consultation services for businesses, including comprehensive professional know-how, modern financial solutions, support in obtaining EU funding and in effective and safe investment in the Małopolska Region.

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