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  • By Hilary Webb

ERRIN members preparing for Cities Mission co-creation activities with MOSAIC

Last month, ERRIN’s project MOSAIC ran an open call to find cities and regions preparing for the Mission on Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities, interested in collaborating with MOSAIC on their citizen engagement activities. ERRIN is pleased to share that 14 ERRIN members are being engaged under this initiative.

  • By Agnieszka Wieczorek Jetha

Be.CULTOUR project – Beyond Cultural Tourism

Be.CULTOUR is one of ERRIN’s new projects led by the Italian Institute for Research on Innovation and Services for Development. It will mobilise five ERRIN members from the Cultural Heritage and Tourism Working Group to offer real-life settings to co-create and test human-centred innovations for circular cultural tourism.

  • By Agnieszka Wieczorek Jetha

ERRIN as a part of a blueprint alliance – the CHARTER project

ERRIN is part of the successful CHARTER consortium led by the University of Barcelona to develop sectoral skills, funded by the Erasmus+ programme. As part of the consortium, ERRIN also involves five members of the Cultural Heritage and Tourism Working Group to take part in the project’s regional activities.

  • By Lina Forsman

EU Policy and Urban Water Management - Challenges of Implementation

Ensuring a steady supply of clean water in cities is not simple; pollution, population growth and flooding pose real challenges. Our workshop explores challenges faced by municipal water companies in implementing the EU Water Framework Directive (WFD) and Urban Wastewater Treatment Directive (UWWTD). By focusing on 1) water quality objectives, 2) rising sea-levels and cloudbursts, and 3) circularity and reuse of water, we consider how revising the UWWTD can help meet the zero-pollution ambition and increase coherence of EU water policy.

  • By Hilary Webb

Role of maritime clusters in the green recovery: Blue Growth WG workshop at EMD 2021

ERRIN's Blue Growth Working Group will lead a stakeholder workshop during the 2021 edition of European Maritime Day. The workshop will address the role of maritime clusters in the green recovery.

  • By Lina Forsman

Breakfast Webinar: How can cities and regions support a more circular building sector?

Gothenburg European Office, Småland Blekinge Halland South Sweden and Lille Métropole is hosting a breakfast webinar that asks 'how can cities and regions support a more circular building sector?'