ERRIN’s new project: RIPEET  

ERRIN’s new project: RIPEET  

ERRIN has become a partner in a Horizon 2020 funded project RIPEET. Mobilising ERRIN’s Energy & Climate Change Working Group leaders, the RIPEET project will support Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) policy experimentations for energy transition in three European territories: Extremadura (ES), Highlands and Islands of Scotland (UK) and Ostrobothnia (FI). 

These territories will become the real-life settings for a series of Transition Labs which will create collective stewardship of the energy transition by offering participatory instruments and an overall framework to envision sustainable energy futures.  

With its connection to the Climate, Energy and Mobility Working Group Cluster, the project will select and include six additional territories, giving them the opportunity to become a part of the RIPEET Community and access a dedicated peer-learning scheme. The RIPEET Community will learn how to revise sectoral policies, strategies and research and innovation (R&I) instruments to foster a sustainable and inclusive energy transition. The framework conditions, processes and outcomes of these experiments will be mapped, monitored, and evaluated. This constitutes an evidence-base for the revision of sectoral policies, strategies and research and innovation (R&I) instruments as well as for consolidating a broader European RIPEET community. 

Read more about the project on the ERRIN webpage