project development

Sparking collaborations and project opportunities within the ERRIN Culture & Creativity Cluster

ERRIN has been actively supporting its members and their ecosystems in developing successful project proposals this year.

From the Regional Innovation Valleys calls to the Missions-related calls under HORIZON Europe, there have been many recent opportunities for members to express interest and attend match-making sessions hosted by ERRIN.

Last month, the Cultural Heritage & Tourism Working Group, alongside the Design & Creativity Working Group and the New European Bauhaus Task Force, launched a survey to map members' interest in the upcoming Horizon Europe calls focusing on cross-cutting areas such as culture, creativity, and tourism, circular economy and design with deadlines in early 2024.


The survey assessed the level of interest and identified potential roles among ERRIN members and their regional stakeholders. With over 50 expressions of interest across the six selected calls, the mapping demonstrated considerable enthusiasm among ERRIN members in building new synergies and collaboration opportunities in the culture and creativity sectors.

By understanding the interests, experience and expertise of its members, ERRIN was able to plan and facilitate a project development session, tailored to the members' expectations and needs.


Building upon the survey results, the ERRIN Cultural Heritage and Tourism Working Group hosted a project development session to further develop and discuss new collaboration opportunities.

The meeting held on 14 September gathered around 55 participants and served as a valuable platform and co-creation space for members to engage in discussions and foster potential consortia. By bringing stakeholders together, ERRIN facilitated collaboration and enhanced the development of project ideas. The results of the matchmaking sessions have been shared with potential coordinators and members who expressed interest in the calls.

The ERRIN Secretariat and relevant Working Groups and Task Forces will continue to support and facilitate the connections and dialogue between members and potential coordinators.

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  • The results of the survey are available here.
  • The results of the match-making session are available here