What is UNaLab?

The UNaLab project is contributing to the development of smarter, more inclusive, more resilient and more sustainable urban communities through the implementation of nature-based solutions (NBS), which are co-created with and for local stakeholders and citizens.


UNaLab's three front-runner cities - Eindhoven, Tampere and Genova - are through the establishment of Urban Living Lab (ULL) demonstration areas experimenting, demonstrating and evaluating a range of different nature-based solutions addressing climate and water related urban challenges. The front-runner cities actively collaborate and share their experiences with our seven follower cities - Stavanger, Prague, Castellón, Cannes, Başakşehir, Hong Kong and Buenos Aires – as well as our two observers - Guangzhou and the Brazilian Network of Smart Cities. 

The project results will enable the development of a European NBS Reference Framework on benefits, cost-effectiveness, economic viability and replicability of nature-based solutions, which will guide cities across Europe and beyond in developing and implementing their own co-creative nature-based solutions.

Our Project Team

Our staff members leading on the UNaLab project.

Heidi Johansson

Heidi Johansson

Project Manager

Rayn Titley

Ryan Titley

Project Support

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Co-creating Smart Nature-based Liveable Spaces – Necessary Solutions for Real-life Challenges

This interactive workshop will bring together relevant stakeholders from municipalities, academia and businesses to address real life climate issues, which today's European smart cities are facing. Through a facilitated gamified co-creation tool – the CoCo-toolkit, participants will explore pre-selected urban challenges.