What is Green Growth?

The Green Growth project is the horizontal project in the Interreg MED Green Growth Community, which includes 14 modular projects under priority Axis 1: Promoting Mediterranean innovation capacities to develop smart and sustainable growth. The Green Growth project is the second phase project, which builds upon the achievements of the first phase project SYNGGI.

The Green Growth Community is a thematic community of projects promoting a sustainable development in the Mediterranean based on the sound management of the natural resources by enhancing cross-sectoral innovation practices and taking into account the effects on the labour market by promoting social inclusion and green jobs. The 14 modular projects are working on different topics related to green growth such as sustainable agro-food systems, eco-innovation, green manufacturing, green public procurement, waste management and smart cities.

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The Green Growth project supports the modular projects in their communication and capitalisation efforts, which in turn increases their impact at policy level and ensures potential transfer and replication of their results. 

The Green Growth project's objectives are:

  • Empower a Green Growth Community for Mediterranean and non-Mediterranean stakeholders: the creation of a solid community will act as a hub to collect project results, disseminate and capitalise them among partners, consortia, stakeholders and countries.
  • Upgrade Green Growth Community networks: the community will create bridges and seek collaboration with networks, institutions and programmes inside and outside the Interreg MED cooperation area to transfer the projects’ knowledge and results while promoting synergies among initiatives in the Mediterranean region. 
  • Capitalisation support and transfer activities will share the project results and initiate the potential replication of them in other countries. Common policy outcomes will be produced to inform the evolution of the regional, national and EU circular economy and green growth legal and policy frameworks.

ERRIN's Role

ERRIN is responsible for the capitalisation work within the project, which aims to transfer the results from the modular projects to the whole Mediterranean area and beyond, and to promote the integration of these results into regional and national policies. Advocacy activities will be undertaken to further promote the results as well as the MED green growth approach, together with liaising activities directed towards relevant stakeholders. Cooperation and networking with key partners, both inside and outside the MED area, is also an imperative part of the capitalisation work.

Further, ERRIN will be in charge of organising regional workshops, involving quadruple helix stakeholders, with the aim to share best practices in the field of green growth and to promote the effective transfer of concrete results into regional and national policies.

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What Green Growth brings to ERRIN and the wider membership

The mainstreaming activities, which ERRIN is leading on, provides an opportunity for ERRIN members to take part of the outcomes of the Green Growth Community, and to use this knowledge and best practices to improve green growth policies in the regions by integrating these outcomes into their regional policy frameworks. By participating in the mainstreaming activities, member regions will be able to further develop their regional policies related to areas such as agri-food, eco-innovation, waste management and resource efficiency, and will also be able to expand their networks and create new partnerships.

When relevant, ERRIN members are invited to participate in the project’s capitalisation events and regional workshops. In addition, the Green Growth project will look to produce policy position papers and recommendations on the green growth thematic which can feed into ERRIN’s policy work and vice versa.

The MPs relevance to the Green Deal objectives

Our Project Team

Our staff members leading on the Green Growth project

Heidi Johansson

Heidi Johansson

Project Manager

Ryan Titley

Ryan Titley

Project Support

Latest Updates

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