What is MIREU?

How can European regions ensure a sustained and sustainable supply of mineral raw materials to the EU? The EU project MIREU aims to establish a network of mining and metallurgy regions across Europe, that will help the regions to share knowledge and experiences when facing the challenge to establish and maintain an extractive industry.


The MIREU project will bring together European mining and metallurgy regions to work together on improving conditions for the responsible development and secure supply of mineral raw materials in the EU. The regions will share their experiences and knowledge to help tackle the fundamental challenges of establishing and maintaining an extractive industry.

The objectives of the MIREU project:

Map synergies between mining and metallurgy regions;

Identify favourable conditions for raw material development, based on successful projects and best working practices;

Engage with stakeholders and the wider society to raise public awareness about the need for minerals;

Develop EU level Social License to Operate (SLO) Guidelines and an accompanying Toolkit.

Our Project Team

Our staff members leading on the MIREU project.

Ryan Titley

Ryan Titley

Project Manager

Heidi Johansson

Heidi Johansson

Communication & Dissemination Manager

Hilary Webb

Hilary Webb

Communication & Dissemination Support

Latest Updates

  • By Hilary Webb

MIREU Survey on Perceptions of Mining in Europe

The MIREU project has launched a survey that aims to gauge perceptions of mining across Europe. The survey works towards a key goal of the project - understanding people's thoughts, feelings and expectations in regards to mining.