Horizon Europe Mission area: adaptation to climate change including societal transformation

Horizon Europe will incorporate, as a new element, research and innovation missions. One of the five mission area is adaptation to climate change including societal transformation. This mission area will support adjustment and solutions to climate change, but also address communities to lead the societal transformation.

The interim report, published on 25 June, identifies the objectives and approach of the Mission. The vision is to turn the urgent challenge of adapting to climate change into an opportunity to make Europe more resilient, climate prepared and fair, through a three-layered approach. The three objectives are to prepare all citizens for climate disruptions, build resilience and upscale solutions through 100 deep demonstrators, and accelerate the transition in 200 pilot regions and communities.


ERRIN input

ERRIN has taken an active role in shaping the Mission on Adaptation to climate change including societal transformation and is closely following the work of the Mission Board. The first input document developed by ERRIN and its members follows up on an exchange with the Mission Board Chair, Connie Hedegaard, during an ERRIN webinar held in July.

In October, ERRIN members have participated in a co-creation event held by the European Commission, with an aim to further design the selection criteria and the involvement of the regions and communities in the Mission.

Latest Updates

  • By Hilary Webb

Commission adopts new EU Strategy on Adaptation to Climate Change

The European Commission has adopted a new EU Strategy on Adaptation to Climate Change. The strategy starts work on preparing for unavoidable impacts of climate change.

  • By Agnieszka Wieczorek Jetha

Become one of the demonstrators or pilot regions in the Horizon Europe Mission area: Adaptation to climate change

ERRIN is gathering interests among member regions and communities to become deep demonstrators and pilots in the Horizon Europe Mission area: Adaptation to climate change.

  • By Hilary Webb

Deadline to share ideas on Horizon Europe Missions extended

The European Commission has extended its call for ideas on the Horizon Europe Missions from 6 September to 14 September 2020. 

  • By Hilary Webb

Development of Horizon Europe Missions & ERRIN's related work

As the Horizon Europe Missions are becoming more clearly defined, ERRIN is working to further explore the role of regions within them.

  • By Ingvild Jacobsen

The Green Deal and the Nordic Capitals: Urban solutions to climate, nature, and biodiversity challenges

A EU Green Week partner event will share best practices and challenges from the Nordic capitals on how to integrate urbanism with care for biodiversity, nature, climate and circularity.

  • By Hilary Webb

EWRC session: Towards climate-resilient cities and regions

This event will explore the progress made to date by local and regional authorities (LRAs) across Europe in their actions to adapt to climate change.