Welcome to DT4REGIONS: ERRIN embraces the next era of AI and Big Data for digital transformation of public services

As a partner in the new DT4REGIONS project, funded by the EU as a preparatory action proposed by the European Parliament, ERRIN will support Digital Transformation for Regions across Europe through a challenge-based platform enabling AI and Big Data collective solutions.

Launched during an online meeting on 28-29 September 2021, DT4REGIONS aims to create a European Platform for Regions to enable AI and Big Data collective solutions. It will be a unique challenge-based innovation platform for the development of tools and services of public interest. At the same time, it will enhance public administration efficiency and effectiveness in user-centric services.

The project will have the real needs of a network of regions at its heart. Technical partners will provide support to make the platform a sound and effective environment for the development of the next era of AI and Big Data for the digital transformation of public administration. Within this context, public administrations will be engaged in defining the platform services and will benefit from dedicated capacity building and mutual learning activities, with a view to exploiting the full potential of the platform itself. Regional innovation ecosystem actors will contribute to the identification of the platform functionalities and contents, as well as of the future public services to be developed and delivered on the back of AI and Big Data solutions.

The DT4REGIONS project team gathers 14 experienced organisations from nine European countries, including several ERRIN members, and is led by the Emilia-Romagna Region. ERRIN will be responsible for community building, as well as communication and dissemination activities.

ERRIN members will have an opportunity to benefit from the DT4REGIONS platform functionalities and interested regions will be able to join networking and community-building activities. Throughout the duration of the project, links with the work of ERRIN's Working Groups will be created, with particular emphasis on the cross-cutting ICT Working Group.

More information on the DT4REGIONS project, including the ERRIN Secretariat contacts, can be found here.