DT4REGIONS Platform and Award launched

DT4REGIONS Platform and Award launched

Following its flagship conference on 28-29 June in Barcelona, the DT4REGIONS project in which ERRIN is a partner is officially releasing on 1 July 2022 the first version of its Platform to enable the development of AI and Big Data solutions for regional and local public administrations.

The DT4REGIONS Platform, which can already be accessed here, focuses on the challenges and business needs faced by the public administrations, which can be addressed by adopting AI and Big Data technologies. The aim is to promote and progressively broaden a community of civil servants and officers, belonging to regional and local administrations from across Europe, actively involved in the design and provision of public services.

The building blocks of the Platform are DT Stories and DT Solutions, which will be possible to submit by users of the Platform in the future and which are possible to browse now. A DT Story represents an identified opportunity for value creation through digital transformation. It may be described as a set of problems to tackle or specific strategic objectives to achieve by implementing innovative practices, such as AI technologies or Big Data. A DT Solution is a reusable, interoperable, and self-contained set of digital resources and documentation that has proven its value in addressing the business challenges defined in a DT Story. The Platform also features an Academy offering a selection of thematic webinars, training and readings.

At the same time, the DT4REGIONS Award for the best solution for digital transformation based on AI and Big Data currently in use by public administration in Europe will be launched. The Award aims to encourage a bottom-up sharing of best practices, solutions, applications and initiatives adopted by national and regional governments or by public authorities at all levels to increase mutual learning. Awarding the most successful cases of AI and big data implementation will serve to help scaling these solutions to further Member States. Candidatures can be submitted from 1 July until 31 October 2022 at 23:00 CET. Find more details about the DT4REGIONS Award here.