What is RECIPROCITY about?

Mobility is changing. Urbanisation, climate change and digitalisation challenge how people and goods move from A to B. To cope with these challenges and to meet global climate targets, urban and inter-urban areas need to become well-connected multimodal and multi-usage nodes for smart and clean mobility. Despite the success of early pilot projects, there is still a gap when it comes to transferring innovations to different contexts, cities or regions. One the one hand, living labs, testbeds, demonstration pilots do not always reflect urban reality as they were designed specifically for testing purposes. On the other hand, these solutions were implemented based on the requirements and needs of one particular city, district or area. City planners and project developers, therefore, face the question how the results of mobility pilot projects can be used in order to implement smart city strategies and community initiatives more efficiently, faster and on a larger geographic scale? RECIPROCITY will provide answers.



The project’s goal is to initiate and support replication projects in at least 20 cities and municipalities varying in size, location, degree of urbanisation and mobility demand. They will be equipped with the tools, knowledge and contacts to accelerate the process of replicating innovative mobility solutions. The consortium will organise coordination and support actions along the process from idea to implementation to nurture replication. Using a four-staged
replication framework, the project will help cities and municipalities to:

  • IDENTIFY the right innovative mobility solutions together with all relevant mobility stakeholders and citizens;
  • LEARN about requirements, processes and skills needed to put these innovative mobility solutions into action;
  • ACCELERATE the implementation of these solutions through guidance and matchmaking for business and finance;
  • SHARE and build upon lessons learned and best practices to enable fast replication on a wider scale.

      ERRIN's role

      ERRIN is leading the activities on sharing and replicating policy and regulation.

      Regulations on local, national and EU-level have the potential to enable upscaling and replicating innovative mobility solutions. At the same time, they are currently among the key barriers as they inhibit a fast rollout of innovative mobility solutions. Therefore, RECIPROCITY focuses on informing policy and regulation with regard to how they can ideally support these processes. In addition, continuous knowledge exchange and information flow between cities and municipalities are crucial to fast-track the process of replicating successful mobility innovations in the future

      RECIPROCITY, thus, will devote particular efforts towards knowledge capturing and sharing: 

      • Recommendations for policy & regulation
      • Information & Communication Platform
      • Collection & dissemination of best practices

      Opportunities for local and regional innovation ecosystems

      • Opportunity to connect and exchange with other cities around sustainable mobility.
      • Possibility to participate in planned activities (e.g. events, workshops, trainings).
      • Chance to bring in own use cases to be considered within the project.
      • Access to services provided by the project (e.g. business & financial services).

      Stay tuned!

      The project kicks off in 2021, and lasts 32 months. During this period, a series of activities and deliverables will be developed. Examples of those relevant for the broader ERRIN membership entail:

      • Mobility Workshops to jointly define the challenges to be solved within the RECIPROCITY replication ecosystem.
      • Mobility Training that will include 1-to-1 training sessions and a series of webinars with key stakeholders and citizens
      • Funding & Legal Support
      • Mobility Accelerator to connect cities and municipalities with investors and to exchange on relevant topics regarding funding and financing
      • Business model generation

      And more to come!


      RECIPROCITY Team members

      Get in touch with the ERRIN team members in charge of the implementation of RECIPROCITY

      Gaia Marotta

      Gaia Marotta

      Project and Policy Officer

      Ryan Titley

      Ryan Titley

      Director of Projects

      Anna Tranberg

      Anna Tranberg

      Transport WG Representative - Member Relations and Policy Manager

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